Saturday, November 14, 2020

'Lilian's Last Dance' first editions found and are available

The Palmer House in Chicago, where parts of "Lilian" unfold.

WHILE CLEARNING out our home in Billings, Montana, preparing for its sale,  we found an unopened box of pristine first editions of "Lilian's Last Dance." (They were pushed back in the closet and a welcome discovery.)

The lively historical novel -- set in Europe, Peru, New York, Chicago, and the American West -- garnered some nice reviews when it was published. Amazon has second editions and a few used first editions.


The Amazon winds through Peru, where
one of the "Lilian..." characters returns.

If you're interested in a first edition, you can order directly from me, at:, or Christene Meyers, 8935 Via Andar, San Diego, Calif. 92122.

For $25, we will sign and inscribe the novel, and send it anywhere in the U.S. (Inquire about foreign postage rates, which vary.)

Covid and the myriad cancelations it caused took us off our "theater game" but we are still working on the music for an eventual musical version of "Lilian...."


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