Tuesday, May 8, 2018

'Lilian' interest continues with a possible French edition

Cookie and Keller leaving Paris over the holidays.

The Eiffel Tower in its glory is on the
cover of "Lilian's Last Dance."

The Paris Opera House facade is an internationally known landmark. 

MON DIEU! While we were in Paris just before the holidays, we were looking at my "travel copy" of "Lilian's Last Dance" in an airport lounge...... a strange man approached me, noticing the Eifel Tower" image on the front.
He spent about a half hour looking at the book, said the French love western lore and would be thrilled at the "French connection."
Come see Paris with us
He also said that the book should be a movie and a musical.
Those are hopes of mine.
I didn't think much of it, but today he emailed me. Says he has an interested publisher in France, which would be wonderful since we go to Europe each year.
Could be nothing. Could be something. Stay tuned. Fingers crossed. These things take time.....

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